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Drawable Cell Voice Recorder Lite

4.2 ( 8272 ratings )
Diensten Amusement
Developer: KO SUZUKI


This app is a voice recorder.
You can play fun picture and sound to register in the cell 20 (16 in the case of 3.5 inches).
However, this app is not just fun.
It is designed to be recorded smoothly like a little idea.
Depending on usage, youll be able to use very convenient.

[Use scene]

- Used as a voice recorder to assist memory
> Businessmen to create the idea
> Engineers to create a manual
> All people

- It is intended to convey the feelings in pictures and voice messages to someone who can not speak face-to-face
> Children to wait for the return of daddy is coming home late at night
> Mr. Secretary to organize a memorable farewell party

- It is intended to be registered to multiple questions and answers, so that you can memorize all
> Students

- Communicate by voice
> Human voice can emit are in a difficult situation, and their families

-Practice singing a song to record for each sentence
> That singing jock

[Whats New in Version 2.0]
- Enhanced Drawing
· You will be able to capture pictures from the camera and photo library.
· Added undo, redo functionality.
You can cancel up to 255 maximum action.
· Is changing the color and thickness of the pen.

[Whats New in Version 2.1]
- Enhanced sound features
· You will be able to adjust the playback start time of each cell (up to two seconds).
You can cut the silence first.
· You will be able to select a mode to play the multilayer sounds.
- Management cell
· Copy / Paste cell
· Exchange of cell

[Whats New in Version 2.2]
- iPad optimization
· The number of cells that can be used is 20.
- Added option Recording Function
· You can select the freehand mode to prolong the recording even after you release the hand.
· It is a specification that can be recorded continuously even when the screen lock.
- Enhanced playback functions
· You will be able to access any playing time of the slider bar.
- Added stop button.
Available if you want to turn off the sound anyway.
- BGM load function
· Retrieve music from your music library, the app while passing as BGM
You can enjoy.
- Voice data import feature
· You will be able to import data from music sound library for any cell.
- Features - Data import / export bulk
· Connect the computer and devices, you can import / export the image data and sound data via iTunes.

[Whats New in Version 3.0]
You can be published in the Facebook and Twitter.
Please suggest a new use.

[How to use]

- Record
· Lets tap the "Rec" tab
· Please record into the microphone while tap any cell
· Recorded until the finger is released from the screen
· Cells that have been recorded will change color

- Drawing
· Lets tap the "Draw" tab
· Please draw a picture by tapping any cell
· and, tap the Save button
· Picture and is registered in the cell

- Play
· Lets Tap the "Play" tab
· Recorded voice will play when you tap any cell

- Save
· Lets tap the "Save" button in the "Play" tab
· Please tap the image of the main, and tap the "Save" button
· Sheet (Image and audio data of all cells that have been displayed) is saved

- Open
· Lets tap the "Load" button in the "Play" tab
· Date and time that has been saved and will be the main image is displayed in the list
· Please select the sheet you want to open, and tap the "Load" button


- OS compatible with iOS6.0 or later
- The iPhone display size (3.5 inches) in the iPad. Please acknowledge it.
- Ads will appear in the Lite version.
- In the Lite version, You will not be able to save more than one seat.